Education Program Changes

Q: Will the educational model change beginning with the 2020-21 school year?
A: The model will not change for the Pre-K, staying a full immersion 100% Spanish model. Kindergarten will follow a 50/50 Spanish/English model. 1st grade through 8th grade will change so that math, science, social studies, language arts (English), and religion will be taught in English. There will be one intensive block of Spanish language arts taught every day with a minimum of 60 minutes in Spanish, depending on the grade level/age of the students. There will also be intro to Spanish classes for new Spanish language learners. As the school is still focused on language acquisition in both English and Spanish, HRBA remains a bilingual school.

Q: What are the benefits of the move to Fife?
A: With this move, we will change the educational model. The new educational model will allow students to have the same homeroom teacher every day, streamlining the communications between teachers and parents and allowing more time and flexibility with the teaching/instructional process since the students do not go between classrooms every other day, while still creating bilingual learners focused on Spanish language acquisition. This change will also allow the school to increase enrollment because students can enter the school in all grades, instead of only Pre-K and Kindergarten (which is the current protocol).

Q: Will there be other opportunities for Spanish at HRBA?
A: Yes. HRBA will continue to have opportunities for after-school clubs/activities in Spanish, such as Hispanic dance classes and electives for the middle school instructed in Spanish. The emphasis will be on not only Spanish language acquisition, but also on the cultural elements that make the HRBA community so special.

Q: How will this move and the model change impact the school’s mission?
A: Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy’s mission will not change. The mission is “Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy offers a safe and caring community that supports parents as primary educators for their children. Founded to serve any family committed to Catholic education, Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy strives to educate every child in a Christ-centered environment, providing both an excellent education and a strong moral foundation. We are committed to diversity, accessibility, and excellence”.