Student Uniform Policy & Expectations

Parents are expected to help children be in compliance with the school uniform dress code. At Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy, we wear uniforms in order to:

  • Represent our Catholic school image
  • Help instill discipline which contributes to academic success and endeavors in life
  • Discourage differences brought about by various income levels, thus eliminating unnecessary peer pressure and allowing the attention of the students to be directed to learning
  • Promote an image of pride both at and away from school and help create a positive climate of discipline and responsibility
  • Assure that the dress standards of the school emphasize neatness and promote an attitude of moderation and modesty.

To order school uniforms, please see the following sites:

**Provide school-approved v-neck sweater, cardigan, full zip, and sweater vests.
You may purchase the appropriate uniform items at stores such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy, and Costco so long as they meet the uniform policy.

Free Dress Days:

On any non-uniform, either “pay-2-dress” or “free Dress” day, students should be in apparel that is appropriate for a Catholic school. This includes no ripped jeans, short shorts/skirts/dresses, items with inappropriate messages/words, and no revealing apparel. If the student is not appropriately dressed, s/he will be asked to call a parent/guardian to go home and change or have a parent bring a new outfit for the student.

The following are the dress code guidelines for the 2021-22 school year. Uniforms must be maintained in good condition and items replaced as necessary.Faded colors, rips/ tears, holes, or stained clothing should be replaced.

Girls Daily Uniform:

Pre-K to 8th grade will be required to wear the following uniform. School sweaters do not need to be worn on a daily basis. They are required on Mass days.

  • Plaid jumper, Plaid Skirts, Plaid Skorts or Navy Blue Pants, or Navy Blue Shorts
  • Short or Long Sleeve Polo Shirt- White or Navy Blue or Peter Pan Collared button-down shirt- White Only
  • Permitted Socks
  • Permitted Shoes
  • Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy approved V-Neck Sweater, Cardigan, or Sweater Vest

Boys Daily Uniform:

Boys from Pre-K to 8th grade will be required to wear the following uniform. **For boys in 3rd- 8th Grade. School sweaters do not need to be worn on a daily basis. They are required on Mass days.

  • Navy Blue Pants or Navy Blue Shorts
  • Permitted belt**
  • Short or Long Sleeve Polo Shirt- White or Navy Blue, or Button-down Shirt- White Only
  • Permitted socks
  • Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy V-Neck Sweater, Sweater Vest, or Full Zip

Mass Apparel: Follows daily uniform and a school sweater is
required on this day!

Shoe requirement:

The only approved shoe style is tennis shoes. Any color will be permitted.
Heels or wedge shoes more than ½” and flip-flops are not allowed at any time at HRBA. Rain Boots are the only style of boots permitted and will only be permitted from November through March. Students should have a pair of tennis shoes available at school to change in from their rain boots.

Uniform Guidelines and Restrictions

Pants and Shorts – Navy blue – Cotton, Twill, or Straight-legged with no adornments or stitching. Shorts are to be no shorter than 2” above the knee. Shorts are permitted from September–October and April June. Styles not permitted; knit, skinny, cargo, jogger, or jegging.

Jumpers, Skirts, and Skorts – Only our school-approved plaid is allowed. The length is to be no shorter than 2” above the knee. Athletic shorts must be worn under jumpers and skirts at all times for modesty and must not be longer than the jumper or skirt. Leggings can be worn in place of shorts. If wearing leggings, the leggings must be full length and match the color of the socks (Navy or Black).

Shirts – Solid White or Navy Blue. Long or short-sleeved Polo or Button-down. Shirts need to be tucked in.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts – Only the school-approved sweaters and crewneck sweatshirts purchased from French Toast, Tommy Hilfiger, or the Spirit Gear sites with the Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy Rose logo or Holy Rosary Hawks image may be worn during the school day, during instruction times and inside of classrooms. Hoodies can be worn only during recess time.

Socks – Navy Blue, Black, or White Only. Solid colors only, no glitter/stripes or designs. Logos ie. Nike swoosh, Adidas, and New Balance N, are acceptable markings. Knee highs and tights are allowed in Navy Blue or Black only. Not permitted: no show or low-cut socks. Socks should be above the ankle. Crew style is the best!

Leggings – Navy Blue or Black. Solid colors only, no glitter/stripes or designs. Leggings must be full length, no capris. May only be worn when paired with a jumper or skirt and with the appropriate matching sock color.

Belts – Black or Dark Brown. Required for boys in 3rd-8th grades daily uniform. No adornments and/or stitchings. Girls are permitted to wear belts while wearing pants or shorts. If they choose to wear a belt, they must follow the policy regarding belts.

Uniform Infractions – Students are expected to be in full uniform on all school days. Students who come to school with clothing or accessory pieces that do not meet the policy will receive the following consequences:

1st infraction – A written reminder with a parent’s signature required will be sent home.

2nd infraction – A second written reminder with a parent’s signature will be sent home.

3rd infraction and beyond – 1 demerit on students’ disciplinary record and students will be asked to call home to have a parent bring the uniform or give consent for their child to change into a used uniform provided by the school.


Hair – Hairstyles are to be neat and clean. There will be no mohawks or designs in hair, and hair color should be one’s natural color without dyes, bleaches, or streaks (temporary or permanent). Hairstyles that are distracting and interfere with the educational environment and learning will not be allowed. Hair accessories such as cat ears, bedazzled/ Glitter/ Gems or giant headbands, giant hair bows, hair bows with toys, and silly headbands, are not permitted. These hair items that are distracting will be asked to be removed.

Make-up – Make-up is NOT allowed at any time, including on non-uniform days. This includes any type of fingernail polish, stickers, embellishments, artificial nails ( acrylics/shellac/french tips), tinted lip-gloss, tinted chapstick or lipstick, rouge, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation make-up, or powder.

Tattoos, facial piercings, and/or other body art are not allowed. This includes drawing on yourself. Ears: Only small post earrings may be worn. Bracelets: Only a medical alert bracelet or watches may be worn (SMART watches are not acceptable). Arm parties are not permitted. Necklaces: A small cross or religious medal may be worn on a chain inside the blouse or shirt. Only one necklace may be worn. No other jewelry is to be worn at school.